3 Problems Being Reported by iPhone 8 Users

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus were just released on September 22nd (with the iPhone X to follow in November) and the reviews and user experiences have generally been positive with users identifying a marginally better product than earlier iterations of the device. Still, others are waiting for the iPhone X to upgrade.

This doesn’t mean that all users are satisfied with their iPhone 8 experiences and that there aren’t issues and concerns with these devices that users have. As with any new and revolutionary device, many users are experiencing complaints that Apple hopes it can patch with software upgrades. Here are some of the common complaints that users have been making with the new iPhone 8.

Headphone Issues

Some people are experiencing problems with their headphones when they use their iPhone 8, namely through a loud popping noise that appears in the device. The issue doesn’t always occur and seems to be a cross-carrier and international issue. As such, many believe this earpiece and headphone problem is being attributed to software rather than hardware issues that Apple has identified that it is looking to address.

Battery Life Problems

An old problem keeps raising its head for Apple in its battery life, which is compounded by the inability to swap out batteries in your iPhone 8. Many are attributing the battery problems to the new operating software iOS 11 which appears to be draining the phones battery life at twice the speed as the iOS 10. Again, Apple is looking to address these battery life issues with some software fixes on their end. In the meantime, many users are adjusting their screen brightness, buying a case with a built-in storage battery for automatic charging, or just toting around charging wires wherever they go.

Screen Brightness

While one of the major upgrades of the iPhone 8 was supposed to be the quality of its screen image, many people are realizing that the Apple iPhone 8 screen is. Nowhere near as bright as the competitive phones from Samsung and other brands. While Samsung made the screen for the iPhone 8, it is programmed for an average brightness of 625 nits compared to 800 on the Samsung Galaxy. Screen brightness aides in the display while reading outside but will commonly drain the battery life which may be the reason why Apple is shooting for a lower brightness level.

The iPhone 8 has generally pleased users but it is a good idea to consider the importance of the aforementioned problems that users have been having with these devices, as well as possible software solutions that Apple can issue to correct these problems. While you are better off considering these items before you buy, you can return devices within three days of buying without issue or make sure that the warranty covers the issues that are being reported on the device.

Despite these problems, the iPhone 8 is still an attractive phone, but many are possibly waiting for the iPhone X before deciding to upgrade to their new phone.