How To Put The Latest Tech To Work For You Without Going Into Debt: 3 Strategies

Without the right tech at your fingertips, you might feel like you are falling behind the competition. Whether you own your own business, want to stay sharp while you work for a thriving company, or simply enjoy being “in the know” when it comes to tech, you want to have the latest and greatest. You also don’t want debt.

If you are focused on getting ahead while staying debt free, this can present inner conflict: should I pay for my tech up front and go into debt, or sit on the sidelines while others get ahead just so that I stay debt free? There is good news: You can access the latest tech without spending a dime. Try beta testing, product testing, or reviewing tech. These strategies can get your hands on the latest gadgets and iGoodies without breaking your bank account — in some cases you might even earn money.

What Is A Beta Tester?

Beta testing is the name for a stage of software or hardware development in which the designers and producers put the product or service out to a select group of individuals. It is not yet launched to the masses, but in many cases the product has been in the process of design for years. You can apply to become a beta tester and work with some of the best names in tech today, including:



3D Systems

Alpine: Architectural Software




Once you are selected, you’ll have to give the company feedback on the product you have been using. Getting it before the public without paying full price makes it all worth it!

Product Testing

Product testing is similar to beta testing except that it applies to physical products. The companies that produce these products need guinea pigs to try them out; that is where you come in! This is a great opportunity to try out tech without going into debt for it.


Public opinion is very important to companies that produce products and services. They want to spread the word about their new tech, and they need the help of skilled and honest reviewers to do so. If you are passionate about technology, start a review channel on Youtube, or a blog. Share your expertise, and companies will want to send you their tech so that you can try it out. It is a win-win.

Why Is Staying Debt Free Important?

Though you might be tempted to put your tech obsessions onto a credit card, or even take out a business loan in order to get your hands on them, consider other options first.

In some cases, taking out a loan or putting an item onto your credit card might be the smart thing to do: you know that you can earn back the principle amount and then some in a relatively short amount of time. In other cases, the purchase is too much of a risk and you’ll be paying for it down the road, with interest, guilt, and stress. Stay away from all of that negativity by considering your purchases carefully before hand.

If you have debt already, and want to ensure that you don’t go farther into the red, try these strategies for getting current tech. You will be relieved that you aren’t adding to your already high debt. You can work on getting debt free by using smart strategies like the ones above instead of consuming. Work with an expert who can help you figure out a plan to get out of debt, and make a schedule for yourself so that you have goals and can keep on track. You can find experts at Nationwide Debt Direct that will help you come up with this plan if it seems daunting to you at first. Nationwide Debt Direct can also help you work with creditors to resolve your debt and reach your financial goals.

With the right tactics you can stay current with technology without turning your finances upside down. Stay debt free by applying to be a beta tester, trying out products, and reviewing tech for the public.