9 Gadgets You Never Knew You Needed

Technology keeps changing at a rate many people are not able to keep up with, and that leads to many people missing out on many vital gadgets. The age we are living in is where every inventor comes up with a new solution to an old problem, so it seems that virtually every problem you might think about has been addressed.

But that is far from the truth as new gadgets are churned each new day to address a different problem. Summit Shah is a tech expert who has also been reviewing new gadgets and following technology trends over the years. He has helped reveal some key devices you never knew you needed that already exist.

  1. Coffee Alarm Clock

This is a device designed to get you freshly prepared coffee immediately you wake up. You can time it to do the job at the same time the alarm rings to wake you up, so your mornings are effectively powered by some awesome coffee immediately you step out of bed.

  1. Wireless Key Finder

If you have ever misplaced your keys you understand how embarrassing this might be. The wireless key finder helps you to detect where your keys might be, and the signal works even through walls for maximum efficiency. The only thing you need is to click the button that enables search and your keychain will beep and flash, thereby helping you to locate it.

  1. The Temepescope

With the Temepescope, you can from the comfort of your home forecast future weather. It gives indications about clouds, rains, and sunlight so you can prepare yourself for the weather ahead.

  1. Solar Power Wireless Speaker

While out for camping, during festivals or on any other summer activity at places where there is no outlet to help you recharge your music system, the Bluetooth speaker comes in handy. It can retain its power for 8 hours while in use, so this is a gadget you might want to consider getting.

  1. IPhone Iris Lens

If you are considering taking your Instagram game to a higher level, the iPhone Iris lens mount combo will work on different cases regardless of thickness. The lens is designed with an anti-glare coating.

  1. Mini Bluetooth Speaker

What about setting the mood at parties with this mini Bluetooth speaker that can easily fit in your pocket. It is powerful yet so small you might not imagine its sound can reach a wide audience.

  1. Instant Wine Chiller

This is also referred to as the best invention ever due to its usefulness. If you have always wanted your wine chilled instantly, then here is an accurate solution for you.

  1. Phonesoap Smartphone Sanitizer

When you spend time between barbecues, sandy beaches, and sticky weather, you are sure your smartphone gets gross. There is a solution to sanitize it in few seconds.

  1. iRig Voice Microphone

The iRig Voice Microphone can easily pair with apps on your tablet or smartphone, and the beauty is that it also allows you to import songs and apply effects then share on social media if you like.