5 Effects Tech Has on Our Youth

The essence of technology is to make life better. Indeed, it has made life better. Today, you can share anything with the world within seconds. You can do unimaginable things on your own. It takes a few clicks to process data that would otherwise require a team of experts. However, this has not come without its fair share of negativities, especially on youth. Here, we will list down five effects that teens have to grapple with courtesy of technology.

1. Youths are more exposed to harmful things

Social media, the most ubiquitous technology invention, is largely uncensored. The information shared here can border from subtle subjective to plainly perverse. The language fairs no better since most online forums always degenerate to insults even with the slightest provocation.

In a random scrutiny of various online forums, such as sports, gaming, schools, and others, it revealed that people often call each other unprintable words online for just having different opinions.

This environment exposes even younger kids who may never have to endure such a brutal world. Today, youths are twice likely to be bullied, insulted online, or threatened than they were before the advent of social media.

2. Emotional connections are affected

Online interactions are easy to make, but they remain at arm’s length. While it is somehow suitable for those who are not ready to have closer connections, it exposes those genuinely looking for relationships online. Emotional connections become very hard to nurture in a world where everyone hinds behind a perfect online profile.

Also, it is natural for humans to develop empathy and such human emotions that shape humanity. Online profiles often operate in a shadow and developing such values might be a costly weakness.

3. Health risks

Nowadays, youths can spend all their leisure time playing games, staying online to follow on trends and such things. The effect is a sedentary lifestyle that exposes young people to lifestyle-related complications such as obesity.

Also, youths are likely to engage in negative reviews and criticism of others to a point where the recipient of the negativities might go to extreme measures such as starving himself or even suicide.

4. Privacy and safety is compromised

Scanning ones social media profile can speak volumes about you. Today, experts use digital footprint to study motive of an eccentric person. In short, someone can use your online profile to take advantage of you. Your relationship life, family, and others can be exposed quickly from social media.

5. Affects the way they think

In a recent study, the experts found out that youths tend to ask for an app for every challenge they encounter in life. They expect that someone out there will come to their rescue. Youth rarely want to go beyond the limitations that apps have. The level of creativity seems to reduce as more technology is adopted.

Youths must identify that technology is like a pool in a neighborhood, though cool, it can be dangerous if you don’t navigate it with caution.

About the author

Summit Shah is a tech expert and a blogger. He writes on all things technology, especially how technology can be used in virtually every aspect of life.