5 Smart Ways to Use Technology In Classrooms

Let’s all admit it folks, education just ain’t what it used to be. It’s faster paced, common core driven, and technology enhanced to prepare the next generations for the ever-changing work force. In order to keep up with the evolutionary future, teachers need to enhance their use of technology in the classroom, which really means we need to keep up our own education on new types of technology we can use. Never fear though, this integration is easier than some may believe.

Here’s the best part of Groza Learning Center; it’s personalized. Technology is obviously known for being beneficial, but the Groza learning model helps to change how a student things about a subject. Any teacher will tell you a students efficacy is a large determining factor for the success, and Groza begins by making sure students know they will be successful. They offer online tutoring, test preparation, reading, and full fledged lesson plans. In the classroom, use this program for small group or independent led activities.

Online Tutoring Programs

Many teachers struggle with planning actives for test review days in class. Honestly, there are too many programs online for teachers to panic over this. many online tutoring companies offer tutoring in specific subjects, which could be used in class as a recap, recall, or review day activity. The beauty of having these online programs, is that students can go at their own pace. If you’ve got a kid who reads more quickly than the rest, they can keep their high scores high by zooming through the online activities. If they are struggling behind, then a pacific palisades tutor can attempt to give them an accessible challenge for increasing their ability.


Webquests are taking classrooms by a storm. Before beginning a new unit, try spending a day unpacking the embedded assessment through the use of a webquest. These can be completed in a few different ways. Some teachers will create a list of inquisitive questions that the students can research in their own way, while others create an online blog with specific links, videos, and articles to help guide the students. This instills healthy research habits and teaches the students to be proactive with their learning styles.

QR Scanners

One of the best ideas I’ve ever incorporated into my classroom was a QR scanner FAQ wall. If used consistently, students fall into the habit of knowing they need to check the FAQ wall before coming to the teacher for questions which helps in two ways. First, they learn independence and solving problems on their own. Second, classroom management is saved because now you save time answering the same questions repeatedly.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a small bit of gold. Shareable folders means that a teacher can open up any students document and give real-time advice, comments, and edits during the actual writing process. This helps kids stop and mindfully correct their behavior before completing a final product. It also helps to instill the idea that all writing is a work in progress, which helps because most students simply hate the idea of editing or revising anything they complete.

These are just a few ways that you can incorporate technology into your classroom. The best part of using technology, is that students are inclined to be more engaged when they are using toys they like, and most of the like using technology. Incorporating technology also makes them more work-world ready, as they can use software and hardware that a company will expect them to know by the time they graduate. Making a few changes to your classroom upfront, will have long term beneficial effects for your students.